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AFNOR: Association Française de Normalisation [French Standards Association]

Copyright © 2018, All rights reserved

11 rue Francis de Pressensé 93571 La Plaine Saint-Denis France
Tel. : +33 (0)1 41 62 80 00. Fax: +33 (0)1 49 17 90 00
Publication Manager: Olivier Peyrat, AFNOR General Manager

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AFNOR: Association Française de Normalisation, SIRET: 775 724 818 00015
RCS Bobigny, NAF Code: 751 E
Head Office: 11 rue Francis de Pressensé 93571 La Plaine Saint-Denis France

Site hosted by:

AFNOR: Association Française de Normalisation, SIRET: 775 724 818 00015
RCS Bobigny, NAF Code: 751 E
Head Office: 11 rue Francis de Pressensé 93571 La Plaine Saint-Denis France

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-The site is hosted in La Plaine Saint Denis (France), and is subject to French regulations (including the Data Protection Act) and European regulations (European Data Protection Regulation)
- The website is administered and published by AFNOR on behalf of its foreign subsidiaries
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- Personal data may also be transferred, if necessary, to the AFNOR Group's French entities (AFNOR, AFNOR Développement, AFNOR Certification, AFNOR Compétences, AFNOR International), for the purposes of processing the internet user's request

AFNOR informs internet users that this website is intended to promote the activities of its foreign subsidiaries.
AFNOR Group's foreign subsidiary undertakes, within the scope of its activities, and in accordance with the applicable local legislation, to ensure the protection, confidentiality and security of the personal data of Internet users while they are browsing this website.
The personal data collected by the foreign subsidiary is that which the internet user sends voluntarily via the contact form/mail to. The data identified as mandatory in the contact form/mail to is required for the purposes of processing the internet user's request.
The data collected automatically by the foreign subsidiary is used to produce statistics relating to the consultation of the web pages of this site (in particular the IP address). The personal data of internet users is not used for commercial or advertising purposes, without their consent.

The purposes of the processing of the collected data are as follows: contract management linking the person concerned and the foreign subsidiary; and/or grounds of legitimate interest of the foreign subsidiary; and/or commercial promotion.
The data collected is stored by AFNOR on servers located in France and kept for the periods of time strictly required to achieve the purposes referred to below. Beyond these periods of time, it will be kept exclusively for statistical purposes and will not give rise to any exploitation of any kind whatsoever.

In accordance with local legislation and/or the rules of practice imposed on the foreign subsidiary, the internet user has rights over their personal data. To implement these, the internet user can contact the local representative of AFNOR Group's foreign subsidiary, whose contact details are available on this website. In the event that the personal data of the person concerned is transferred to the AFNOR Group's French entities (AFNOR, AFNOR Développement, AFNOR Certification, AFNOR Compétences, AFNOR International) for the purposes of processing the internet user's request, then the following charters are likely to apply [hyperlink to associated charter].
The internet user is informed that their personal data may be disclosed, without their authorisation, in the application of a law, a regulation, a decision of a competent local supervisory authority or competent legal authority or, if this proves necessary, for the foreign subsidiary to preserve its rights and interests.


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Cookies required for browsing on the web sites of AFNOR. These cookies are absolutely vital in order for the web sites of AFNOR to function properly. Their removal may cause browsing difficulties.

Four types of Cookies, which are for the purposes described below, may thus be stored on the computers of users visiting any of the web sites of AFNOR.

• Technical Cookies are needed for browsing on our web sites, as well as for accessing the various products and services. Technical cookies in particular make it possible to adapt the presentation of the web sites to the display preferences of the user’s computer terminal (language used, display resolution), as well as to memorise passwords and other information which is contained in a form filled out on the web sites (registration or access to members’ personal spaces) and to implement security measures. These Cookies cannot be disabled or configured otherwise access to the site and/or to the services of the web sites may be denied.

• The Cookies for measuring visitor numbers are generated by AFNOR or by its technical service providers for the purposes of measuring the number of visits to the different contents and sections of the web sites, so that they can be evaluated and organised better. These Cookies also make it possible, as the case may be, to detect browsing problems and consequently improve the ergonomics of the services of AFNOR. These Cookies only generate anonymous statistics on traffic volumes, and do not provide any individual information.

• The advertising Cookies are generated by our network partners, in the advertising spaces of our web sites, and the use of these spaces contributes to the funding of the contents and services that AFNOR provides to users free of charge. These Cookies are deposited by our partners as part of advertising partnerships under the terms of which the networks may be required to collect data about the contents viewed on our site.

• “Social networks” cookies make it possible to share the contents of AFNOR sites with other people or to inform these other people that a given person is viewing such content or to inform them of the opinion of that person concerning a content of the web site(s) of AFNOR INTERNATIONAL. This is, in particular, the case for the "share" buttons from “twitter” social networks. Any social network which provides such an application button is liable to identify the person using this button, even if the person did not use this button when visiting one or more AFNOR web sites. AFNOR recommends that you read the privacy protection policies of these social networks so that you are aware of the purposes of use, in particular for advertising, of the browser information that is collected by means of these application buttons.


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• For Internet Explorer: Click on the Tools button, then on Internet Options
On the General tab, in browsing History, click on Settings
Click the Display files button
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Click on the “Display cookies" button.
Select the cookies that you wish to refuse, then click on remove

If you need any support regarding the different browsers, AFNOR recommends that you refer to the official documentation.


All the information made available on this AFNOR website (documents contained on the website as well as all elements created for the website) is the property of AFNOR and is subject to laws protecting copyright when made available to the public via this Web server.

Copies of documents contained on this site may be made for information purposes only and solely for strictly private use. No licence or right other than that of viewing the Website shall be granted to anyone with regard to intellectual property rights. Reproduction of website documents is authorised for the sole purpose of providing information for personal and private use: any reproduction and any use of copies made for other purposes is strictly prohibited.

Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary, company names, logos, products and trademarks indicated on this Website are the property of AFNOR. Indication thereof does not, in any way, grant any licence or right to use these trademarks which cannot, therefore, be used without AFNOR's prior written consent.

The prior written consent of AFNOR shall be required for the following:

• extraction, by permanent or temporary transfer, of all or a qualitatively or quantitatively substantial proportion of the contents of the databases onto another medium, by any means and in any form whatsoever;
• reuse, by making available to the public all or a qualitatively or quantitatively substantial proportion of the contents of the databases, in any form whatsoever;

In a general sense, any extraction or reuse of the data for commercial purposes or distribution to third parties is prohibited.


Messages that you send to us over the Internet can be intercepted by third parties. Consequently, outside secure areas, the confidentiality of these messages cannot be guaranteed and indications of origin can be forged.


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